12 Monthly Emergency Prep Lists

  • These monthly emergency prep lists help can help you gather food storage and emergency supplies gradually so you don't get overwhelmed or blow your budget
  • Click on the name of the month and it will take you to an article I've written and the printable list for that month. 
  • By incorporating a Four-Step Approach to Home Storage taught by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you first gather a 3-month supply of food, some water, and build an emergency fund. THEN gather long-term foods like wheat, rice and beans. These simple steps are doable!
  • I spend $20 - $25 per month on food storage items per person, and much less depending on what I already have stored in our home. I hope these lists help you see you CAN do this. Best wishes!  Valerie

12 Monthly Emergency Prep Lists
3-month supply of food & beyond
Click here for the printable page with more than just food (Coming!)

Spiritual Prep Food/Home Storage Prep Goals
JANUARY Be Organized Water/Beverages Water Storage
D&C 88:119 Toiletries
Week #1 1 can evaporated milk 
Week #2 24 oz. or 1/4 LDS #10 can cocoa drink mix
Week #3 24 oz. or 1/4 LDS #10 can fortified fruit drink mix
Week #4 4 lbs. or 1 LDS#10 can non-fat dry milk
Week #5 3x64 oz. bottled juice
FEBRUARY Be Doers Breakfast Foods Communication
1 Nephi 3:7 Toiletries  Emergency Skills
Week #1 3 boxes breakfast cereal
Week #2 5 lbs or 2x42 oz. canisters or 2 #10 cans oats
Week #3 2 lbs. pancake mix AND 32 oz. pancake syrup
Week #4 8 oz. or 1/4 #10 can powdered eggs
MARCH Be Charitable Tomatoes/Pasta First Aid/CPR
Mosiah 2:17 First Aid Important Papers
Week #1 12x8oz. tomato sauce AND 6x6 oz. tomato paste
Week #2 6x15 oz. canned tomatoes AND 1 jar of salsa
Week #3 4 lbs. dry pasta AND 2 boxes of macaroni and cheese
Week #4 8 cans prepared pasta AND 12 pkg. ramen soup noodles
APRIL Be Clean Soup/Fish/Beans Sanitation
Alma 5:19 Sanitation Hygiene
Week #1 12 cans beans AND 2 cans of chili
Week #2 12 cans of tuna or salmon
Week #3 10 cans of condensed soup
Week #4 3 cans of prepared soup
Week #5 5 lbs. or 1 #10 can of dry beans or lentils
MAY Be Prayerful Condiments/Spices Emergency Cooking
2 Nephi 32:9 Food Prep
Week #1 refill spices AND 3 oz. dry onions
Week #2 12 oz. sauces
Week #3 8 oz. salad dressing, 8 oz. mayonnaise AND 4 oz. parmesan cheese
Week #4 5 oz. ketchup, 2 oz. mustard, 3 oz. BBQ Sauce/steak sauce
JUNE Be Healthy Grains/Vitamins Grain Storage
D&C 89:16 Food Prep  Bread making
Week #1  25 lbs. or 4 #10 cans hard wheat, white or red LDS
Week #2 20 lbs. or 4 #10 cans rice LDS or other grain
Week #3 4 oz. instant yeast
Week #4 Vitamins (3 mo. supply)
JULY Be Guardians Summer Foods Emergency Drills
Alma 46:12 Toiletries Canning
Week #1 4 ea. crackers and/or chips
Week #2 2 boxes gelatin and/or pudding
Week #3 2 boxes food bars, popcorn
Week #4 3 x 6 oz. lemon juice, vinegar AND olives
Week #5  2 x 32 oz. jelly/jam AND honey
AUGUST Be Nurturers Fruits/Vegetables Shelter/Bedding
3 Nephi 17:21 Toiletries School Kits
Week #1 12 cans/jars fruit
Week #2 12 cans/jars vegetables
Week #3 16 oz. dried fruit/raisins
Week #4 2 cans chilies and/or mushrooms
SEPTEMBER Be Hopeful Meat/Potatoes Earthquake Prep
Moroni 7:42 Laundry Auto Kits
Week #1 6x12 oz. cans chicken/turkey
Week #2 6 cans pork-type/Spam/Vienna sausages
Week #3 2 cans stew
Week #4 4 lbs. or 2 #10 cans of potato flakes/slices/etc.
Week #5 1x24 oz. spaghetti sauce
OCTOBER Be Faithful Oils/Fats Fire Safety 
D&C 61:10 Disaster Cleanup Kit
Week #1 6 lbs. beef/corned beef/jerky
Week #2 24 oz. vegetable/olive oil, etc. AND 1 lb. shortening
Week #3 1x28 oz. peanut butter/almond butter, etc.
Week #4 12 oz. chocolate/baking chips AND 4 oz. baking cocoa
NOVEMBER Be Grateful Holiday Baking Emergency Heat
Alma 37:37 Disaster Cleanup Winter Clothing
Week #1 1x15 oz. can pumpkin AND 2x14 oz. cans broth
Week #2 2 lbs. brown sugar AND 1 lb. powdered sugar
Week #3 1 box stuffing mix AND 1x15 oz. can of yams
Week #4 15 lbs. white flour AND 10 lbs. white sugar
DECEMBER Be Christlike Baking Basics Equipment
Matthew 22:39 Power & Light Gift Giving
Week #1 4 oz. vanilla  AND 4 oz. cooking spray
Week #2 1 brownie or cake mix AND 1 frosting (opt.)
Week #3 6.5 oz. salt AND 4 oz. cornstarch
Week #4 5 oz. baking powder AND 4 oz. baking soda

How to Use These Lists
  1. Decide on a weekly home storage budget.
  2. Decide what you have time to gather/do.
  3. Multiply amounts by # of family members. Adjust amounts for younger children, medical needs and food allergies. For instance, you could store half the amount of breakfast cereal for a young child as an adult.
  4. Adapt, adapt, adapt! These are only suggestions. Pick and choose what you want to work on. Change items to suit your family.
  5. Each week look for store sales that match your goals.
  6. Carry your list with you when you shop or put your goals on a cell phone/iPad notepad.
  7. If you see LDS next to an item, these items are available for you to can yourself at an LDS Home Storage Center.
These are only suggestions. I am not an expert on what you should put in your food storage. You are the best judge of what will work for your family. Medical needs and allergies will vary from family to family, so gather what works for you.

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