November 22, 2011

My Top Picks for Food Storage and Emergency Gifts

Here is a list of my top picks for food storage and emergency preparedness gifts. Consider giving them as Christmas gifts, wedding gifts or college going-away gifts. Or maybe just for your own family.

Note: I'm picky about what goes on this list, so it will change over time.

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Under $25.00
High Uinta Gear™ 13-Function Pocket Knife

Heavy Duty Swing-A-Way Can Opener
Swing-A-Way Manual Can Opener, $5.99 (my favorite)

"Deseret Recipes," $6.50, economical recipes using food storage (LDS Online Store)

Mixing Pitcher (2 Quart)
Powdered Milk Mixing Pitcher, $6.99 (helps get those lumps out)


Gamma Seal Lid, $7.50 (easily open your everyday flour and sugar buckets)

Tri-Fold Foldable Shovel

Tri-Fold Foldable Shovel, $8.95 (nice and compact)

"The Disaster Preparedness Handbook: A Guide for Families," $9.34 (complete prep guide)

Just in Case: How to be Self-Sufficient when the Unexpected Happens,” by Harrison/Kolesar, $11.53, reg.$16.95 (easy to understand)

"I Can't Believe It's Food Storage," $12.21, reg. $17.95 (great for beginners. Check out her website)

Energizer Weather Ready Compact Rechargeable LED Light, $12.99, reg. $17.50 (always keep in outlet until you need it)

Reliance Aqua-Pak 2.5 Gallon Rigid Water Container, $13.99 (weighs 21 lbs. when full; easy to carry and transport)

"The Essential Food Storage Cookbook," $14.18, reg. $17.95

Sensible Food Storage” DVD by Wendy Dewitt, $14.99 (great resource. See her blog here)

"Cooking with Food Storage Made Easy" by Debbie Harman, $16.03, reg. $18.95

Wavelength Emergency Radio, Charger & Flashlight

"Pure Religion: The Story of Welfare" set, $17.25, (history of the Church welfare system)


Emergency Food Storage in a Nutshell,” by Probert/Harkness, $25.95 (In an emergency, this is the book I would use for recipes)

$26.00 - $75.00

Preparedness Principles”, by Barbara Salsbury, $26.99 (well written prep book. Her site here.)

3-Day Lite Emergency Kit

3-Day Lite 72-Hour Emergency Kit, $27.99, reg.  $56.57

LDS Food Storage Starter Kit, $31.00 (LDS Online Store)

Sterns Portable 5-Gal Shower, $30.99 (how will you shower after a disaster?)
397-Piece First-Aid Kit

Kaito KA009 4-Power Shortwave Radio

Trekker I™ 72-Hour Kit
Trekker 1 72-Hour Emergency Kit, $69.95 Check black Friday sale for more deals!

Dinner Pack - 6 #10 Cans
AugasonFarms Dinner Pack - 6 #10 Cans, $69.97, Retail $84.60

$76.00 and up

Under The Bed Harvest Food Rotation System

Cuisinart Pressure Cooker, $89.95, reg. $185.00 (cook beans, rice and other foods quickly)

Coleman Red Canyon 17x10-Foot 8-Person Modified Dome Tent, $89.99, reg. $139.99 (large because it could be your home after a disaster)

Mr Heater® Portable Big Buddy™

Mr Heater®Portable Big Buddy™, $139.95 (how will you keep warm?)

NEW! One Month Pack - 48 Everyday Size Cans

AugasonFarms One Month Pack - 48 Everyday-Size Cans, $225.99

Nutrimill Grain Mill, $229.99 (the highest ranked mill)

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared


  1. The link for the LDS food storage only goes to, where exactly on that site in the food storage? Thanks,

  2. Thanks for posting all these wonderful offers.

    Sales letter

  3. I just discovered this web sight. Great! Thanks for doing the leg work and being so meticulous. Since I haven't been following you long, have you talked about MREs or the equivalent and which ones you like?

    1. No, I have not talked about MRE's. So much to do. I decided to use energy bars my that were more palatable to my kids instead. Have to replace each year, but I decided the least stressful food is during an emergency the better.


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