June 6, 2016

June 2016 Emergency Prep Calendar

Here is my new June 2016 Emergency Prep Calendar. Sorry I was slow getting it out, but I was on vacation. It has most of the ideas from my June Emergency Prep List, but it does not include suggested food storage amounts. Just names of items. I've included items to gather in a 72-hour kit. I love how it reminds us each month to check our emergency water supply. I hope you find it useful in your desire to become better prepared for emergencies!

Printable June 2016 Emergency Prep Calendar.pdf

May 29, 2016

June Emergency Preparedness Goals - Grains, Vitamins and Bread Making

School will be out for many families this month, and though vacations and good times begin, it's important to keep striving to prepare our families for emergencies. June is the month I like to focus on gathering wheat, rice, yeast and vitamins for my family into our food storage. Even though it is hot, I'll have more time to practice bread making skills and teach my youngest. This is also a good time to gather paper supplies like paper towels or napkins, foil, plastic wrap, storage bags and trash bags. Check out my list below to see if it has something that will help you.

Many grains can be stored long-term (20 - 30 years), but some cannot (check link) because of the natural oils. For example, it's fine to put brown rice in your 3-month food storage supply of everyday foods, but brown rice does not store well long-term because of its natural oils. White rice is better for long-term storage.

Grains are inexpensive, which is wonderful. Even though long-term food storage is the fourth step in the LDS Four-Step Approach to Home Storage, I like to gather them year-round because you can store a little at a time and build up your supply. On my monthly list for June, I suggest amounts to gather for each adult.

A great show which teaches you how to use grains, is Fusion Grain Cooking on BYUtv. You will want to check out Chef Brad and watch some of his shows online if you don't have BYUtv.

Oh! And here is a food storage video I made for my Relief Society a few years ago that may help you understand the four-step approach to home storage I always talk about.

A few years ago, I had a dream that was a wake up call for me regarding emergency preparedness. Suffice it to say that it involved an earthquake and many people not heeding the counsel to become better prepared. I remember being concerned for their safety and trying to get their attention. When I woke, I immediately wrote the details of the dream. I've never done that with any dream before.

Most dreams are inspiration for the person who dreams them, and this one was for me. I'm not a disaster forecaster and I'm not predicting "the Big One," but in this dream, I remember warning people, and being ignored. They were distracted with the internet, computer games, thrills, and things that matter least.

We can either choose to be like the Children of Israel in the days of Moses and wait for a sign, or we can be guided by the Spirit and the counsel of living prophets today to become better prepared now. The choice is ours.

I hope we will each work harder to gather some supplies to help our loved ones and our neighbors. I hope we will take the time to make sure we have stored an adequate supply of water and other necessary supplies. I feel peace knowing my family is storing a little bit at a time and not panicking and going into debt to do it.

If you think you can, you will! Just move up that hill an inch at a time.

Best wishes,

"All grain is good for the food of man; as also the fruit of the vine;
that which yieldeth fruit, whether in the ground or above the ground."
Red or White Hard Wheat? Which should I put in my food storage?
Wheat Storage: How Long Can I Store Wheat Flour?
Long-Term Food Storage Must Be Stored Under Proper Conditions

By Leslie Probert for Deseret News
Food Storage Essentials: Why store wheat? What about a grain mill? (+ video)
Food Storage Essentials: Storing grains: What about carbs and gluten intolerance?

May 1, 2016

May 2016 Emergency Prep Calendar

Here is my new May 2016 Emergency Prep Calendar. It has most of the ideas from my May Emergency Prep List, but it does not include suggested food storage amounts. I've made a few changes including adding items to gather in a 72-hour kit. I love how it reminds us each month to check our emergency water supply. I hope you find it useful in your desire to become better prepared for emergencies!

Click link below to print May 2016 Emergency Prep Calendar.pdf

April 30, 2016

May Emergency Preparedness Goals - Condiments, Spices and Emergency Cooking

May is a busy month for many American families because of Mother's Day, end of school year performances and graduations. I like to simplify my food storage gathering in May by focusing on condiments and spices. You've probably already noticed summer displays in your grocery store for Cinco de Mayo and soon Memorial Day. Let's take advantage of those sales and gather a few items like ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, salsa, BBQ sauce, enchilada sauce and taco seasoning mix to name a few.

Let me caution you to not go overboard when stocking up on condiments. You will be tempted to buy more because they are fairly inexpensive, but be practical. How many bottles of ketchup do you REALLY need? Two bottles of ketchup and one container of mustard may be all you need for a 3-month supply. 

Take a look at my suggested amounts for a 3-month food storage supply below. If you multiply the amounts by 4 and then multiply that number by the number of family members, you will come up with an amount that works for a year's supply. Or a 3-month supply is just fine if you have limited storage space.

Also stock up on spices and dry onions this month. Go here to see how I store my spices. I like to buy a #10 can of dry onions from the LDS Home Storage Center because it's very affordable and they last forever. Or you can shop at a warehouse store like Sam's Club or Costco. Your third option will be the grocery store if you don't use many spices. 

I like to buy my spices in bulk at a stored called Winco and put them in my own jars. Don't go overboard here either. Consider which spices you use most often. For our family, cinnamon, oregano and onions get used regularly. I don't need a 15 oz. container of thyme. Be practical so you can spend money on something else you need in your emergency supply this month.

It's smart to keep a stock of paper goods on hand all the time for power outages or disasters. Paper plates, cups, foil, plastic utensils, etc. are extremely useful when you can't use your dishwasher or sink. Watch for sales closer to Memorial Day and stock up. I like to keep a 30-day supply always in my cupboard. With our large family gatherings, it's easy to restock.

Even though I don't focus on freezer foods for food storage, you may find good deals on meat this month. My butcher told me roasts go on sale in May because people are barbecuing smaller cuts of meat instead. 

May is also National Pet Month, so put together a 72-hour kit for Fido or Fluffy. You may want to read "The Dogs of Hurricane Katrina" to motivate you.

My favorite dog Abby passed away in 2013.
Now is a good time to buy a Dutch oven and charcoal briquettes when they go on sale. They are great for emergencies. And the price of bottled water drops as we get closer to Memorial Day, so stock up.

Hopefully you've started your vegetable garden. I'm not a great gardener, so I like to plant a "salad" garden every year. And I love fresh tomatoes!

Last of all, if you get a nice tax refund, consider buying a wheat grinder, a worthwhile investment if you like to use whole grains. In 2009, my readers said their favorite grinders were the NutriMill and the Wonder Mill.

It's nice to hear the lawnmowers buzzing 
again in our neighborhood. This is great time of year. Good luck on your continual progress to become self-reliant. You CAN do it!

Best wishes,



“But behold, I say unto you that ye must pray always, and not faint"

Go here to print my May Emergency Preparedness List.pdf

Go here for my 12 Monthly Preparedness Lists

April 1, 2016

General Conference Activity Notebook for Primary Kids

A few year's ago we created an activity notebook in my ward for Primary children ages 6 - 11. I update the links every 6 months. The cool thing about this notebook is you can use it again and again and just remove old pages and put in new ones. My notebook has a-bit-of-this and a-bit-of-that from many sources. Look through the links and print what you think your child might enjoy. Keep their hands busy so their minds can feast as they listen to General Conference with you.

More ideas can be found on my Pinterest LDS General Conference FHE board. Also see The Ultimate LDS General Conference Packet A-Z, and The Ultimate LDS General Conference Packet A-Z 2. Have fun creating your General Confernece notebook!

General Conference Notebook for Primary-age Children
  • Get a 1 inch clear-view cover binder for each child.
  • Buy 5-tab divider pages and label them: My Notes, Coloring Pages, Activity Pages, Family Games, For Parents
  • Print any of the copies below.
  • Hole-punch your copies.
  • Put your copies in the notebook in your notebook.
  • Add  sheet protectors to hold game pieces like Bingo cards.
  • Provide colored markers, crayons, pencils and treats for your child. Have a great time!
Step 1: Print this cover page pdf  (My 10 year-old daughter still loves this picture by Beth Whittaker!) 

Step 2: Print these section title pages or create some of your own.
Step 3: Glue or staple the section title pages to your 5 tab dividers. You may have to trim them depending on your divider pages.

Step 4: Go to LDS.org and print pages 4 - 12 in the General Conference Notebook. Use these for your child to take notes or draw notes on. Elder Packer, Perry and Scott have been removed and their are spaces for three new apostles. You can use that cover instead of mine.

Step 5: Print any of the coloring pages you want:
New! Scripture Stories Coloring Book at LDS.org
"God's Prophets and Apostles Speak to Us in General Conference" at LDS.org
"I Will Follow the Prophet" at LDS.org or anything else from this link.
"Prophets Teach Me How to Strengthen My Family"
"Jesus Created The Earth for Me" at LDS.org (It's the same as my cover)
"Prophets Speak For Heavenly Father" and "Conference listen, then color pages' at the same at LDS.org
"The Resurrection" by Harry Anderson at LDS.org
"Jesus Christ Created The Earth As a Place Where I Can Choose The Right" at LDS.org
"I Can Show Reverence For Sacred Places and Things" at LDS.org
"I Came to Earth as Part of a Family" at LDS.org

Step 6: Print any of the activity pages you want:
"Salt Lake Temple" dot-to-dot 1-35 or another others from About.com
"Mary at the tomb" 1-79 dot-to-dot at LDS.org (scroll down)
"The Gold Plates" 1 - 35 dot-to-dot at my CTRRing.com
"Liahona Compass of Faith" dot-to-dot 1-60 at LDS.org (scroll down)
Taking The Sacrament in House of The Lord dot-to-dot 1-86 at LDS.org
"Mexico City Temple" dot-to-dot 1-65 at LDS.org
"We Do Not Doubt" Stripling Warrior dot-to-dot 1-55 at LDS.org
"Trust In The Lord" dot-to-dot 1-95 at LDS.org
"David and Goliath" dot-to-dot 1-115 at LDS.org
"Joseph Smith" dot-to-dot 1-55 at LDS.org
"Sacrament" dot-to-dot 1-86 at LDS.org
"Zion" maze at Food Storage and Beyond page 34. Another packet!
"Endure to the End" maze at Food Storage and Beyond page 8. Another packet!
"Easter" crossword puzzle at LDS.org
"Latter-Day Prophet" word search or any other searches at LDS.about.com
"Latter-Day Saint" word search at LDS.about.com
Current "Prophet and Apostle" word search at LDS.about.com (2 per page)
Article of Faith word searches #11 or #12 or #13  at LDS.about.com
"Joseph Smith" word search at LDS.about.com
"Noah's Ark" hidden pictures  at LDS.org
"I Love My Family" hidden pictures  at LDS.org
"The First Easter" story Rebus with word pictures (in color)
"Joseph F. Smith" crossword or "King Benjamin Teaches the People" or "Noah's Ark" cut outs at LDSLessonIdeas (scroll down)
"Word of Wisdom" and Joshua Served the Lord" hidden pictures at LDSLessonIdeas
"Remember Jesus During the Sacrament" picture wheel and other activities (scroll down)
Two "General Conference" hidden pictures at LDS.org
"President Monson Follow the Prophet" hidden picture. Print in grayscale to save ink.
Make your own tracing-the-words pages for younger children from KidZone.com. Create a page of words such as your child's name or the word "Jesus," "Prophet," "Love," "Family," "Temple," etc. Go to Tracer Pages. Click "Blank (No pictures)," and then "block" lettering. Put a word (10 letters and spaces or less) in the blank space and copy to all boxes.

Between sessions, play some games as a family.
Print a General Conference Squares cards for each family member from LDS.org conference squares game card
Go to LDS.org and let your child play "Articles of Faith Memory Quest"

Image result for lds memory quest

Let your kids watch the "Conference Center" video tour. Very sweet!

Print my "General Conference Helps for Parents" handout. Keep this in the binder so you can refer to it again. Or add any other handouts you find useful. A few weeks before conference, come back to this page and print something new for your child. You may also want to read "Preparing Our Children for General Conference" at LDS.org

I'm getting excited for General Conference! Hope you are too.

(Links updated 9/29/15)

“It is when children are young that parents must be innovative in helping them develop good habits regarding conference participation. As our children are given opportunities to observe and learn the role of these special witnesses, they will receive a spiritual confirmation of the sacred calling of their Church leaders, and they will feel a deeper love for and interest in these leaders and their message.” Elder Neil L. Andersen

March 27, 2016

April 2016 Emergency Prep Calendar

I decided to put my food storage and emergency prep ideas on an actual calendar for April 2016. Sometimes a visual calendar helps me get things done better than just a list of items, so I created an April emergency prep calendar to help me stay focused. It does not have actual amounts to store, but you can find those suggestions on my Emergency Prep Lists here. I figure with both of these items you and I may be more motivated to gather and store.

This new calendar has a piggy bank shown each Sunday to remind you to add money to your emergency fund.

Monday I listed some food storage and emergency items to shop for during your regular shopping trips. You won't see the term long-term foods on this calendar, but you could store dry beans long-term if you wish. The main goal is to first gather a 3-month supply of food, emergency water, emergency funds, and THEN gather long-term foods. This is how the LDS Church recommends you work on your home or food storage.

Tuesday you'll see some items to gather in your 72-hour kit. You can add some to your weekly shopping list. I decided to add 72-hour kit items each week since building a kit over time is more economical for some of us. Or you could add something you hadn't thought of before.

Friday you'll see a mini inventory. If you examine just those types of supplies, you won't ever have to take a large inventory.

On Saturday I listed a Prep goal you may want to work on. In the center I listed some emergency links for some of the Prep goals you may wish to print and study. This month I really wanted to learn how to make a hand washing station for an emergency shelter. Knowledge is priceless.

You can print this new calendar below. No one should every feel they have to do it all. I don't. Just find something you want to buy and store, and move forward.

I'd love to hear some feedback on my emergency prep calendar since I can always change the calendar design. Hope you like it.

April 2016 Emergency Prep Calendar pdf


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