March 2, 2015

Food Storage Case Lot Sale Prices at Fresh Market, March 2015

You don't want to miss the food storage case lot sales starting this week in Utah. This morning I visited the Fresh Market in Kaysville and chatted with a manager setting up the displays. I chose Fresh Market because you may purchase items individually and still get the case lot price. This is great for those of you with small storage space. Most prices will be similar at Dick's, Peterson's, and Lee's. (Sorry, Winegar's, Bowman's and Kents had sales in January.)

Below is a list of items with prices and I highlighted the super-duper bargains. I grouped things into the same categories I use for inventory taking. If you open my cupboards, this is about how you'll find items sorted on my shelves. And just so you know, I don't buy everything at case lot sales. I buy some things at Costco, and some just on sale.

This month I am focusing on tomatoes and pasta, so I listed those items first on the list. This list does not include everything on sale, or fresh and frozen items. And the oatmeal in the picture below is on sale for $2.50, but wasn't in the ad.

If you need some help, read this article about shopping at case lot sales. Best wishes on your food storage gathering!


Western Family Tomatoes, variety 14.5 oz. $.59 or 24 for $14.16 (Costco $.75)
Western Family Tomato Sauce 8 oz. $.33 or 48 for $16.00 (Have seen as low as $.20)
Western Family Tomato Paste 6 oz. $.50 or 48 for $24.00 (Costco $.56)
Western Family Pasta Sauce 24 oz. $.99 or 12 for $11.88 
Hunts Pasta Sauce 24 oz. $.79 or 12 for $9.48

Western Family Pasta 48 oz. $2.50 or 8 for $20.00 (Have seen as low as $1.99 @ Macey's)
Davinci Pasta 16 oz. bag, $.79 or 12 for $9.48 (Have seen as low as $.59 @ Smith's)
Western Family Macaroni & Cheese 7.25 oz., $.39 or 24 for $9.36
Campbell's Spaghetti or Spaghettios $.79 or 12 for $9.48 (about like Walmart)

Western Family Purified Water 24 ct. 16.9 oz. bottles $1.99
5 gallon Water Jug $3.99
55 gallon Plastic drums $39.99

Western Family Apple Juice or Cider 64 oz. $1.50 (Have seen as low as $1.25 @ Macey's)
Powerade 32 oz. $.49 or 15 for $7.35 (case only)

Western Family Seasoning Mixes $.33 or 24 for $8.00
Western Family Salt 26 oz. $.50 or 24 for $12.00
Augason Farms Dough Enhancer 15 oz. $2.49
Augason Farms Wheat Gluten 15 oz. $3.39

Western Family Sugar 4 lb., $1.69 (okay, but have seen for $1.59 @ Smith's)
Western Family Sugar 25 lb., $10.99
Western Family Brown or Powdered Sugar 32 oz., $.99 or 12 for $11.88 (less than Costco)
Western Family Grape Jelly 32 oz., $1.67 (have seen for $1.50 @ Macey's)
Western Family Pancake syrup 128 oz. $5.99 (Same as Sam's Club)
Mrs. Buttersworth Pancake syrup 2 pk. 64 oz. $6.99 (Similar to Costco)

Augason Farms Morning Moos 56 oz. reg. or 71 oz. choc. *$12.99 
Augason Farms Country Fresh Nonfat Dry Milk 29 oz. choc. *$10.99 
Augason Farms Butter Powder 36 oz. *$16.99

Western Family Flour 25 lb. $8.99 (Costco less)
Western Family 7 lb. Pancake mix $5.99
Krusteaz 10 lb. Pancake mix $6.99
Augason Farms Regular or Quick Oats 23 lb. pail $21.99*
Augason Farms Red or White Hard Wheat 50 lb. bag $16.99* (LDS is cheaper)
Western Family Rice 20 lb. $9.99 (LDS, Costco, Sam's chaper)

Western Family Pineapple 20 oz., $.99 or 24 for $23.76
Western Family Applesauce 15 oz., $.99 or 24 for $23.76 (have seen $.79)
Western Family Fruit 15 oz., $.99 or 24 for $23.76 (have seen $.75 @ Smith's)
Western Family Mandarin Oranges 11 oz., $.59 or 24 for $14.16
ShurSaving Mandarin Oranges 11 oz., $.39 or 24 for $9.36
ShurSaving Peaches or Pears 29 oz., $1.25 or 12 for $15.00 (have seen $.98 @ Macey's)

Western Family Vegetables 14.5 oz., $.49 or 24 for $11.76
Western Family Diced Chiles 4 oz., $.49 or 24 for $11.76
Western Family Mushrooms 4 oz., $.69 or 24 for $16.56
Augason Farms Potato Gems 48 oz. $10.99* (LDS cheaper)

Western Family Black Beans dry 20 oz., $16.99 (LDS cheaper)
Western Family Pinto Beans dry 20 oz., $12.99 (Similar to Costco and LDS)
Western Family Chili w/beans 15 oz., $.99 or 24 for $23.76 (have seen $.88)
Western Family Refried Beans 16 oz., $.49 or 24 for $11.76 (Great deal!)
Western Family Beans, various 14.5-15 oz., $.49 or 24 for $11.76
Western Family Tuna in water 5 oz., $.49 or 48 for $23.52 (Great deal!)
Western Family Albacore Tuna in water 5 oz., $1.25 or 24 for $30.00 (last fall $.99)
ShurSaving Chunk White Chicken 5 oz., $.79 or 12 for $9.48
Western Family Chicken Breast 5 oz., $.99 or 12 for $11.88 (Costco less per ounce)
Augason Farms Whole Eggs 33 oz. $18.99* (have seen $16.99)

Western Family Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soups $.49 or 24 for $11.76
ShurSaving Cream of Mush or Chicken soup 10.5 oz., $.39 or 24 for $9.36

Western Family Peanut Butter 28 oz., $2.99 or 12 for $35.88 (Smith's was lower last fall)
Cooking Oil 1 gallon $7.99 (have seen for $6.99)
Pompeian Olive Oil 68 oz. $9.99 (Great deal! with $5.00 discount, Costco about $13.99)
Western Family Olives 6 oz., $.79 or 24 for $18.96 (Great price!)
Western Family Ketchup 20 or 24 oz., $.99 or 12 for $11.88

Gamma Seal Bucket lids $5.99 
5 gallon Pail with lid $3.99
100 Hour Emergency Candle $3.99
Baby Wipes 80 ct. $.89

*Use in ad coupon for $5.00 off when you buy 5 Augasan Farms canned products retailing over $9.99. The oil discount will be at the register.

March 1, 2015

March Emergency Preparedness Goals - Tomatoes/Pasta and First Aid

During the month of March, I like to gather tomato and pasta products for my food storage. For those who live in Utah, you may buy these items at case lot sales starting this week at Fresh Market, Dick's, Peterson's, and Lee's. (Sorry, Winegar's, Bowman's, Kents and Harmon's had sales in January.)

If you live outside of Utah, focus on these same foods for March to spread your food storage expense out over the year. It's easy to get overwhelmed gathering food storage, unless you have a monthly focus. If you follow my suggestions, you can gather food year-round and your items will be naturally rotated so they don't lose their shelf life so quickly and heaven forbid you have to toss out food.

Personally, I like to gather a 6-month supply of canned tomatoes and pasta, but gather what you can afford and have space for in your home. I don't like to buy more than that because I've discovered we don't eat some foods as quickly as others. Six months from now I buy more to add to my supply.

Here is the list of items I try to gather for my family during March:

(You are free to print this list and share with others. But please mention my site.)

Tomato-based products have a shorter shelf life such as 12 to 18 month, so it's best to buy them regularly. However, dry pasta lasts about 2 to 3 years in store bags or boxes kept in your cool pantry. The LDS spaghetti and macaroni sealed long-term in #10 cans, can be stored for 30 years. The key is cool, dark and dry. If your kitchen gets hot during the summer, the shelf life of your food may decrease some, but NEVER store canned food in a hot garage. In the house is best. I keep store bought pasta in plastic containers in my basement and also some long-term pasta for disasters.

If you want to can your own tomatoes later this year, do so. Focus on pasta and another tomato product you don't usually can yourself. Also, if you don't make spaghetti sauce from scratch, buy pre-made pasta sauce. If that's the way your family eats, go for it.

The thing I love about food storage, is everyone may gather the perfect supply for their family. You don't have to buy everything I suggest or someone else suggests. You build a supply that works for your family so they will eat your food. Food storage for your family, your way.

Regarding emergency preparedness; now is a great time to update your first aid items. You want to have a good first aid kit in your home, some general medical supplies, and medicine on hand for emergencies that can and will happen. I keep all of our old braces, boots or splints from past injuries. Used crutches would be an awesome item to have too.

This month, my spiritual focus is Be Charitable. One way to do that is to give blood to the Red Cross. There is always a need. So call to find out where you can donate.

Best wishes to you and your family on your adventures in food storage. You CAN do it!


"And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; 
that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings 
ye are only in the service of your God."

Go here for my other 12 monthly preparedness lists.

    February 21, 2015

    New Member of The Family: A Brand-Spanking New Bosch Mixer

    After 30 years of marriage, I finally took the plunge and bought a Bosch Universal Mixer from our local Ace Hardware store in Kaysville. The owner is a Bosch dealer. It's a dream come true for me. I'm not sure my husband understands why I'm so excited, but with a year's supply of wheat in my basement, you get the picture.

    Some of you think I bake bread everyday because I write a preparedness blog. Yes, you do, admit it. But I never grew up in a home where we baked bread every day or every week. I've made bread before, but I was never immersed in the world of bread making and flour up to my elbows.

    My KitchenAid looks pretty sad peeking around the corner in this picture. 
    Don't worry little guy. I have a new home waiting for you.
    A Bosch has been on my bucket list for years, but as a frugal mom who raised seven children, there was always another financial need, like shoes. Life is financially better for us, but I still shop at the local Deseret Industries Thrift store aka the D.I., several times a month.

    But let me tell you the real story for buying a Bosch now. A few weeks ago I was headed to the grocery store and heard a news story on the radio about the strike between the dock worker's union and port management that was crippling the West Coast ports, and billions of dollars were being lost because containers were sitting just off shore not being unloaded or loaded. Oranges were not being picked from trees because they were rotting at the warf, and so on and so on. I use to own an orange grove. There were "dozens of ships sitting at anchor or circling off shore." Just so you know, U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez announced shipping would resume on February 22.

    I walked in the grocery store a little disturbed and looked at oranges in the produce section for $1.79 per pound when I expected them to be $.50 per pound, and a lot of what ifs went through my mind as I thought of the food items in the store that are imported, and it made me physically sick. I paced up and down the aisles knowing that if things ever got really bad, items on those store shelves would be gone in a few days. So, I made a commitment to my Heavenly Father to work harder on self-reliance and do a better job at teaching myself some bread-making skills. I made a commitment to finish "the food storage book" by writing one hour every morning at 5 a.m.

    I researched where to buy my Bosch, and called Costco. They had 23 left in stock for $389, a little less than online, so I made a plan to shop there. Then, a few days later I walked into Ace Hardware for some shelf pegs, and BAM! There was a Bosch mixer on the shelf for $369. It started to glow! Well, not really. I bought it then and there. Coincidence? I don't think so.

    Most of my friends already own a Bosch, so they probably think I'm too late to get in the game. But I never think it's too late to learn new skills if we are teachable. Last night I talked to two of my friends who are going to teach me how they make their yummy Bosch bread. I'm hoping to share those experiences soon.

    Tonight I used my Bosch for the first time and made a large batch of ...snickerdoodles. Mmm Mmm Good! My husband's favorite. And yes, they came out Bosch perfect! 

    February 2, 2015

    February Emergency Preparedness Goals - Breakfast Foods and Emergency Communications

    My preparedness focus for February is breakfast foods and emergency communications. Using a monthly focus helps me stay organized and prevent me from getting overwhelmed with the whole preparedness thing. 

    The great thing about breakfast foods is they are affordable, and in an emergency you can eat them any time of the day. If you ever lose your job, your children will thank you for having some of their favorite cereal in the pantry.

    My goal is to start with a 3-month supply of shelf-stable everyday breakfast foods my family will eat. Even though I suggest specific items on my list to gather this month, adapt my list. Your family might eat cold breakfast cereal, whereas another family might store agave nectar and gluten-free buckwheat. Both families would be correct. So, adapt my food storage goals for you.

    This month I gather breakfast cereal, oats, pancake mix and syrup and maybe powdered eggs. I may throw in some food bars my husband likes. I also gather toiletries and emergency supplies. See my complete list below.
    (You are free to print this list and share with others. But please mention my site.)

    On Step 1: 3-month supply on my list, you will see #10 can amounts, but you don't have to store your 3-month supply in #10 cans. They are perfectly fine in your pantry and cupboards in the containers you bought them in from the store. I show weights as well to help you figure out amounts for your family. Don't get hung up on these numbers though. It took a lot of research for me to figure these numbers out for my family. You may store more or less of what I have listed since your family eats differently than mine.

    Be on the lookout for some great breakfast cereal deals at the store this month. I like to stock up on a few family favorites. I love granola! My kids don't. So, I have a variety of things in my cupboards. Look for some store sales around President's Day weekend here in the U.S.

    Oats are amazing to store too. They can be stored short-term in those Quaker Oats containers or long-term in #10 cans or buckets. There are several types of oats, but most people buy regular, quick or instant oats. They are definitely economical. To understand the differences, check out this great article at Baking Bites: Regular vs. Quick Cooking Oatmeal.

    Everyone needs a way to communicate during an emergency. Do you have a plan? Have you practiced it? Who is your out of state contact? Can you text them? Will they expect you too? Think it through.

    Best wishes on your goals this month. You CAN do it one can or box or bag at a time.


    "And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: 
    I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, 
    for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, 
    save he shall prepare a way for them 
    that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them." 


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